About Us

E-healthcare-marketplace is a growing online international platform for buying and selling economy healthcare products (new & used) such as medical furniture, medical supplies, imaging, home healthcare, dental, anesthesia, endoscopy, physiotherapy, ophthalmic, laboratory, cosmetics, sterilizing equipment, etc. Popular products are... Ultrasounds, transducers, beds, excercise bikes, commodes, folding walking canes, bath lifts, endoscopes, dental instruments, radiology machines, etc. 
Our goal is to provide good quality healthcare products to our buyers at great economical prices by networking directly with our partners and manufacturers worldwide.
Buyers and sellers are worldwide -- Botswana, South Africa, Ireland, USA, Canada, Ghana, India, Egypt, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Peru, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Belarus, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Somalia, Zimbabwe, etc. 
Many buyers and sellers are hospitals selling off older equipment for newer ones and smaller hospitals buying older equipment.
In addition, highly trained technicians and engineers are available in selected countries at short notice to install, maintain and fix issues in any equipment.
Three unique services we provide are: 
1. Buyers can request, technicians to check, test and report on an equipment before purchase.                               
2. Buyers may view some equipment before purchase ( selected equipment, selected cities only )
These cities are: CANADA ...Ontario, British Columbia, USA...Texas, Florida, Tampa, Washington, DENMARK...Aalborg,            NIGERIA...Lagos, JAPAN..Tokyo, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES...Ajman
3. We assist healthcare establishments-hospitals, medical / dental walk in clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies, auction their surplus and outdated equipment while assisting new upcoming businesses procure economical startup equipment.