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About Us

e-healthcare-marketplace is a growing online international platform for buying and selling economy healthcare products (new, used & refurbished) such as medical furniture, medical supplies, imaging, home healthcare, dental, anesthesia, endoscopy, physiotherapy, ophthalmic, laboratory, cosmetics, monitoring, sterilizing equipment, ultrasounds, probes, beds, mobility devices, endoscopes, dental instruments, radiology machines, etc.
Our goal is to provide a platform where buyers and sellers can transact business in confidence. Only good quality high performance healthcare products shall be available to buyers at great economical prices.

 A great place for big hospitals selling off older equipment for newer ones and smaller start-ups buying older equipment.

Built mainly for the Nigerian marketplace, buyers and sellers from other climes are also welcome.

In addition, this platform provides an opportunity for highly trained Nigerian service technicians and engineers to advertise and render their services to buyers and sellers.

Three unique services currently being provided in Nigeria are: 

  • Buyers can request our in-house technicians to test, check condition and report on an equipment before purchase.        
  • Facilitation of Auctions for both buyers and sellers
  • Showcasing Nigerian Products, Manufacturers and Distributors
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