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Ultrasounds~portables probes

Brand: CHISON Model: ECO5
CHISON ECO5 PORTABLE ULTRASOUND SYSTEM REFURBISHED UNIT LINEAR & CONVEX PROBES INCLUDEDThe Chison ECO5 Portable unit comes with two probes - Linear and Convex. Affordable and includes color doppler. The multi-purpose user presets, comprehensive measurement & report system, buil..
Ex Tax:₦5,000,000.00
Brand: PHILIPS Model: CX50
CX50 Compact Xtreme systemCardiac, OB/GYN, Abdominal, Vascular/Vascular Access, Thyroid, MSK, Podiatry, Pediatric, Small Parts, VeterinaryNow you can be confident in the data from your exams, including your most technically challenging studies. Philips, a leader in cutting-edge ultrasound developm..
Ex Tax:₦30,000,000.00
Brand: SONOSITE Model: 180 Plus
SONOSITE 180 PLUS ULTRASOUND SYSTEMItem: Description:Sonosite 180 Plus Ultrasound SystemINCLUDED:- Mobile Docking Station - Monitor - C60 Convex Probe  - ICT7-4 Vaginal Probe - Video Printer  - Uses both ac power and battery.Model: 180 Plus Manufacturer: SO..
Ex Tax:₦2,600,000.00
Brand: SONOSITE Model: M-Turbo
Sonosite M-Turbo P08189-13 Ultrasound System w/Convex + Vagina probes                                                                &n..
Ex Tax:₦7,200,000.00
Brand: SONOSITE Model: Micromaxx
System DescriptionThe Refurbished SonoSite MicroMaxx Portable Ultrasound is being sold with one desired probe. With improved image quality, a larger screen and additional imaging features, this unit is  suitable and capable of performing the duties of a shared service system. The portabl..
Ex Tax:₦5,500,000.00
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